The Rapier II-750A/450

AOI, closer to the human visual mechanism.
Complete line inspection parameters and strong core defect detection ability.
It is equipped with many kinds of parameter detection logic ensure no leak detection.
Ultra strong error correction: Plate deformation, plate warping aligning mode.
The entire board can be divided into important regions, which correspond to small routes and peripheral regions, and non-important regions. Different judgment standards are adopted for important regions and non-important regions. Make sure that less false points can be reported when there is no leak detection.
In the linear corner, because some CAM data have sharp corners, but the actual line corners are often smoother than CAM data corners, false points may be reported. However, if the corners are not detected, gaps and convex copper leakage may appear near the corner. Long Sword AOI can make special analysis of straight corners and introduce unique detection logic to avoid false points.
Three drilling cover modes: Cover drilling holes out of tolerance, cover hole breakout, drill holes and cover open circuits. In response to detection requirements of different customers and different boards to drilling holes, false points of plate with bad drilling shall be reduced so as to reduce VRS workload and improve productivity