CPQ7861 Microcraft InkJet Printer


MicroCraft InkJet-Printers stand for high-quality results with concise cycle times for various applications like legend Printing, Etch Resist and even selective Solder Mask Printing.

  • High-speed printing heads: discharge frequency of up to 45 kHz and 1024 nozzles
  • 4 parallel printing heads for high throughput
  • “Automated Air Purge System“ prevents nozzle clogging
  • Selectable resolutions up to 2160 dpi
  • Serialisation and Barcode is possible
  • Loader and Unloader available (CPA)


High-speed printer, equipped with four printing heads. Enables high-speed printing side-by-side with the CPE model. Max. printing size up to 780x610mm.

Equipped with the exceptional automatic ink circulation system – no unnecessary ink waste. Automatic printhead cleaning system.

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