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CPR3316 Microcraft InkJet Printer


MicroCraft InkJet-Printers stand for high-quality results with concise cycle times for various applications like legend Printing, Etch Resist and even selective Solder Mask Printing.

  • Max. printing size up to 1200 x 1100 mm
  • High-speed printing heads: discharge frequency of up to 45 kHz and 1024 nozzles
  • “Automated Air Purge System“ prevents nozzle clogging
  • Selectable resolutions up to 2160 dpi
  • Serialisation and Barcode are possible
  • Loader and Unloader available


The newly developed Alignment System by Bulk Imaging allows High-Speed Simultaneous printing of multiple pieces on the panel.

One Head InkJet Printer with high definition printing with a droplet size of 7pl and dot pitch of 0.04mm (1.5mil).


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