CPT6151 Microcraft InkJet Printer


MicroCraft InkJet-Printers stand for high-quality results with concise cycle times for various applications like legend Printing, Etch Resist and even selective Solder Mask Printing.

  • Max. printing size up to 610 x 510 mm
  • High-speed printing heads: discharge frequency of up to 45 kHz and 1024 nozzles
  • Two separate, independent printing heads to print different resists
  • “Automated Air Purge System“ prevents nozzle clogging
  • Selectable resolutions up to 2160 dpi
  • Serialisation and Barcode are possible
  • Loader and Unloader available


The CPT model is equipped with two independent ink flow and recycling systems to offer the option of using two types of ink in the same machine.

The printer can be used with various ink combinations based on the customers’ preference such as white & yellow legend, etch resist, solder mask, etc.


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