Semi-automatic Double-sided Screen Print Equipment

The DP3500 coating machine is a semi-automatic double-sided screen print equipment. The DP3500 comes with Smart Print System which delivers superb quality with minimum thickness of 1mil. In addition, Differential Print Pressure Control as well as Servo motor-controlled Peel Off features come as standard features. The DP3500 can apply all types of liquid photo-imageable inks including solder mask, primary image, dielectric, and legend.

Detailed Product Information

  • Smart Print System
  • Superb Panel Clamping – no tooling holes required
  • Minimum Thickness is 1mil
  • Total Tensioning Transport System
  • HMI Touch Screen Controls
  • Peel Off setting multifunctional recipes
  • Four (4) standard print cycle routines
  • Pin less Load Assist Module
  • Precision ITV Pressure Controls
  • Differential Print Pressure Controls – Standard
  • Servo motor controlled Peel Off – Standard