Fully automatic Double-sided Screen Print Equipment and Oven

The DP5000 coating machine is a fully automatic double-sided screen print equipment with a drying oven. The DP5000 can verify panel size to improve automation and prevent misfeeds. The DP5000 is designed to meet the specifications of high production manufacturing. The coating chamber is isolated from the operator and a comprehensive safety interlock system is also provided. The DP5000 is versatile, featuring the ISO Print System for cleaning the screens and Quick Change Technology for rapid changeover of ink and screens.

Detailed Product Information

  • Reinforced PAS System Printing
  • Superb Panel Clamping – no tooling holes required
  • Coating and Drying both thin panels and flexible sheets
  • Automatic loader and unloader
  • HMI Touch Screen Controls
  • Highly productive Hanging Oven
  • Automatic Panel Centering
  • Return Conveyor loaded with ASA Device
  • Transfer Device aligns and positions ASA
  • Centering Sensors and Loading System for flexible sheets
  • Pinch Roller for reliable sheet loading