Microcraft E4M6151


  • Test area up to 610 x 510 mm
  • Board size from 60 x 100 mm up to 635 x 535 mm
  • 4 Probes (2 front/2 backside)
  • Repeatable accuracy ± 4 µm (S-Serie ±2 µm)
  • Resolution 2 µm (S-Series 1 µm)


Fully automatic 4 Probe Tester

High-Speed Flying Probe Tester for the production of extremely high volumes.

Core Model in EMMA Lineup fulfils to various test floor needs.

The E4M6151 is equipped with 4 testing probes – 2 front 2 rear.

Standard Model in EMMA Series with test speed of 6,500 points/min
Corresponds to testing various types of boards, from large size to high
density and FPC boards.

Large Size Model (810 x 610 mm) and Extra Large Size model (1520 x 810 mm) are available.

Automation available with the AL Series. – E4M6151 AL


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