Microcraft E8M6151

Electric 8 Probe Tester

High-Speed Flying Probe Tester for the production of extremely high volumes. Optional with Loader and Unloader: model no. E8M6151AL.

Revolutionizing the E8-Series.
Exponential High-Speed Testing with 10,000 Test-Points/min.

Four probes mounted on each side of the tester move freely to
record an exponentially high testing speed. Over 10,000 Test-Points/min. are
accomplished by a combination of increased probe efficiency and
refined software control. While maintaining the fastest possible testing speed the
resolution of 2μm and repeatable accuracy of ±4μm is possible.

  • Test area up to 610 x 510 mm
  • Board size from 60 x 75 mm up to 635 x 535 mm
  • 8 Probes (4 front/ 4 backside)
  • Repeatable accuracy ± 4 µm
  • Resolution 2 µm
  • High throughput up to 10,000 points/min (E8) especially for HD and ML-Boards
  • Various options available, e.g. OK/NG stamper function, Barcode Reader, Virtual Command Center, HVS, HiPot, EVS, FVS


Max. Test Area 610 x 510mm; 4 Probes Front and 4 Probes Rear; Max. Board Thickness 9mm; Repeatability accuracy +/- 4µm; Resolution 2µm; Min. pad pitch 100µm; Min. pad size 50µm; Pneumatic Clamp System; CCD Camera 4 Front 4 Rear; Air supply 3,5l/min; Power supply 20A; Weight 2000kg

Extra large size model E8M8161 (810 x 610 mm) maximum test area is available.


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