Microcraft E8M6151AL

8 Probe System with Full Automation.
Standard Model (610 x 510 mm) and Large Size Model (810 x 610 mm) are available.

The newly developed auto
loader/unloader attached to the side allows for 24/7 unattended testing.
Once the boards are stacked on the loader, suction pads automatically
convey the boards to the testing area. Upon completion of the test the boards
are speedily transferred to the unloader, separated by PASS and FAIL boards.
The new AL2 Model is capable of transferring two boards (size under 250
x 250mm) simultaneously to dramatically improve the throughput for
smaller sized boards.



8 Probe Tester

High-Speed Flying Probe Tester for the production of extremely high volumes. With Loader and Unloader.

Revolutionizing the E8-Series.
Exponential High-Speed Testing with 10,000 Test-Points/min.

Four probes mounted on each side of the tester move freely to record exponentially high test speed. Over 10,000 Test-Points/min. are accomplished by a combination of increased probe efficiency and refined software control. While maintaining the fastest test speed, resolution of 2μm and repeatable accuracy of ±4μm is possible.

  • Test area up to 610 x 510 mm
  • Board size from 60 x 75 mm up to 635 x 535 mm
  • 8 Probes (4 front/ 4 backside)
  • Repeatable accuracy ± 4 µm
  • Resolution 2 µm
  • High throughput up to 10,000 points/min (E8) especially for HD and ML-Boards
  • Various options are available, e.g. OK/NG stamper function, Bar Code Reader, Virtual Command Center, HVS, HiPot, EVS, FVS
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